Be stupid,

Have you ever tried being a fool? It's cool, I promess, having a laugh sometimes can change the way of everything,
The girl in black it's me, the girl with the flower leggings is Hodei, she's one of my best friends, I like her name,  it has a meaning in Vasque, means cloud. She hates it because in the Vasque Country her name is used for boys not for girls hahaha.
This photos were taken in Chateau d'Abbadia in Hendaye, It takes half an hour by bike fron Irun to get there, but the effort is worth it.
I wish you like the photo, I'll upload more as soon al possible, I promess,

P.S. I'm sorry for my terrible English and my stupid mistakes, I'm trying to do my best, but writing in English is a total dare for me.


Zara TRF Fall 2011

Hailey Clauson for ZARA TRF

These are some of the photos from Zara TRF's Fall 2011 lookbook.

Source: www.zara.com 



Dublin seen from Sutton

The 10th of July I caught the flight Biarritz-Dublin at 4pm. I arrived to Sutton at 5pm. (Dublin time) I spent 3 weeks there, combining both free time and studies. 
I came back to Irun, the 31st, and the 13th starts SemanaGrande, buff, PARTY everyday (;

I wish I coudl take some nice photos of me, every photo I take I think: oh, please, the next one must be nice, please please please.