Today was exhausting, every Monday i have 7 classes, and all of them are horrible, today wasn't my day, i have been thinking about too many things, things that i should never think of.

Hope you like the photo, it's my friend Ainhoa, she's my little Ainou.

Sorry for the mistakes,


Always forward, never backwards,

Because there's always something that can get a simle from your face, really, do not never look back, do not never think about the bad things that happened to you in the past, keep on walking forward, never backwards, really, is the best advice my friends gave to me, yes, i did what they told me, and yes, i have found something to start again, something that can get a smile from my face.


Inside all of us there is a wild thing,

Oh yess, I like this photo, it reminds me to be happy everytime,
The photo was taken by my friend Oihana, with a Pentax K-R,

I'm sorry, but the inspiration doesn't get me today, and I'm not going to tell you anything interesting hahaha

Hope you like the photo,

P.S. Sorry for the possible mistakes